9 Conservatory Chairs I’d Recommend To Sit On (2019 update)

Conservatories are normally designed as a bridge between the outside world and your home. They are perfect hideaways from the rest of the house, where all the hustle and bustle occurs. You can take yourself off to your conservatory and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet from the rest of the household. To get the most out of this relaxing spot though, you need to invest in quality conservatory chairs.

Even if you don’t anticipate spending more than a couple of hours in your conservatory a day or even a week, you will still want it to feel part of the home, a place to relax, unwind. But where to even begin? It’s easy to feel intimidated by the sheer choice of conservatory chairs available.

The decision becomes a lot easier when you begin thinking about the key things you want from your chairs. For example, what style of chair would you prefer? Do you have any conservatory plants that consume much of the floor space? Does it fit the interior design of the conservatory? Sometimes it depends on what colour paint your conservatory walls are. Wicker and cane conservatory chairs are all immensely popular.

If you’ve only got a small lean-to, you may want a smaller build or if you like to layback in that special area of escape, you may benefit from one of the bigger reclining conservatory chairs available.

We know only too well that the sheer variety and choice available can be intimidating, so we’ve listed 9 recommended chairs we think would make a great fit for varying types of conservatories. We have broken down the guide into three sections –Reclining Conservatory Chairs, Wicker Conservatory Chairs and then A Handful of Our Favourite Chairs.

Most of the time this decision relies on the design of the conservatory and of course personal preference, hopefully these 9 will give you that ‘wow’ factor.

Recommended Reclining Conservatory Chairs

Do you like the idea of laying back in your conservatory on a summery day with a good book and a nice glass of Chardonnay? Reclining conservatory chairs are just the kind of furniture you need.

Eaton Wingback Fireside Herringbone Reclining Sofa Chair

    Konservatory Rating
✔ Ridiculously Soft Padding
✔ Strong back support
✔ Easy-to-use recliner system
✔ 12 month warranty
✔ Fully fire redundant

One of the best-selling reclining chairs from More4Homes, the Eaton is from their Premier collection and a very attractive chair indeed. It features high-quality herringbone grey fabric upholstery and has a push-back recliner mechanism that’s easy to use. We love it because the mechanics involved in its design are well hidden, and don’t distract from its class and sophistication.

What’s more, the pillow back support and the arms are filled with soft and soothing foam to give you the most comfortable experience possible. It means that you can sit back and just watch the world fly by for hours and hours.

They also benefit from thoughtful lumbar support, meaning you’ll never inadvertently do damage to your back or other delicate areas. Once you sit back in this chair, and use the recliner mechanism, you use your bodyweight to push it back and as the back reclines, the supportive footrest raises up.

Eaton Wingback Fireside Reclining Armchair

    Konservatory Rating
✔ Ridiculously Soft Padding
✔ Strong back support
✔ Easy-to-use recliner system
✔ 12 month warranty
✔ Fully fire redundant

Like the model above, this Eaton wingback fireside reclining armchair is also part of the Premier collection from More4Homes. The main difference is the upholstery has a beautiful gingham pattern and beige colouring. Everything else is the same, so if you like the above and wanted another chair that has the same structure and reclining mechanism, but wanted a different colouring, you could invest in both. We think either or both would look delightful in just about any conservatory.

Although they do have that old country and traditional feel about them, either would still bring a touch of luxury and eloquence to a more modern conservatory.

Recommended Wicker Conservatory Chairs

There is just something undeniably attractive and appealing about wicker chairs that make us want to slip into comfortable slippers and slump down to enjoy forty winks or a good read. If you are the same as us, you will undoubtedly appreciate the beauty and elegance of the wicker conservatory chairs we have picked out below.

TecTake Luxury Aluminium Wicker Armchair

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Full natural look using artificial rattan/wicker
✔ Padded seat fully washable
✔ Plastic feet protect all surfaces
✔ Strong aluminium frame
✔ Perfect for all weather types

First up, we have this delightfully old-school and very traditional-looking wicker chair. In an aesthetically pleasing natural brown colouring, it will offset and contrast the pure brilliant white of most conservatories perfectly. Made with an aluminium frame, you can be sure you won’t have any problem with this falling apart easily. As much as we all love wicker, one of the problems with traditional wicker is caring for it. That’s where TecTake have been clever and used an imitation rattan wicker, rather than the real thing.

If the idea of harsh and sharp aluminium legs on the delicate surface of your conservatory floor doesn’t sound especially appealing, don’t worry. TecTake have fitted the legs of their wicker conservatory chair with plastic feet. That way your wood, tiling, lino or carpeting will be safe from damage.

To provide that much needed comfort, the seat and the backing have soft cushioning. What we love is the fact that the cushion covers can be removed and washed, helping to keep the chair looking as new all the time.

Keter The Cube Seat Stool with Cushion

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Small in size but built for comfort
✔ Versatile storage option - 60L capacity
✔ Sleak looking but durable. Made for all weather
✔ Lightweight with hand grips
✔ 3-year warranty

Admittedly, this has a bit of a different look to it than the more traditional designs with arms and a backing. However, because of its wicker-style material and design and its very functional and practical shape, it will work just as well inside as it would outside. What’s more, if you invest in more than one of these beauties, you can use one as a side table and one as a stool.

What if you already have a perfectly comfortable conservatory chair? You could still make use of the Keter Cube Garden Seat as a nice footstool. All that and we haven’t even mentioned another of its great functions and selling points – the fact you can store up to 60-litres of stuff inside it.

So not only will it look great, help you to feel great, but will also help ensure that your conservatory stays neat and tidy. As it’s waterproof, it also can be used safely outdoors. So, when the sun is extra hot and you want to move into the garden, you can take The Cube with you.

UK Leisure World Rattan Wicker Conservatory Garden Furniture Set

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Beautifully crafted rattan wicker design availabke in a sleek light mixed brown,dark mixed or black
✔ Suitable for all weather types
✔ Included cusions come with an expensive finish and are 100% showerproof
✔ Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
✔ Set includes 2 x single chairs

Now we know that it’s nice to spend those lazy days in your conservatory with other people, especially your significant other. So, if you are in the market for not just one, but two wicker conservatory chairs, you may want to consider this next product. From UK Leisure World, this set features two single chairs from the brand’s exclusive and stunning Madrid range. It’s available in a range of different colours – black, dark mixed or light mixed brown.

Each chair in the set has a thick and comfortable base and top cushions. The cushions have the benefit of being completely showerproof and they have a high-end pipped finish. They still have that old-country house style that comes with wicker chairs, but with a very sturdy structural quality.

A Handful of Other Favourite Chairs

In the final section of our guide we’ve gone off the beaten path somewhat. The last handful of chairs are our favourites for different reasons, and each can be used to fulfil slightly different purpose.

Alfresia Denver Wicker Reading Chair with Button-Back Cushion

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Traditional looking reading chair, made for a conservatory
✔ Built with a natural woven wicker and gloss finish
✔ Cushion is made for comfort and comes with a choice of fabrics
✔ Plastic feet protect against any surface
✔ Lightweight yet sturdy for ultimate support

We’ve spoken a few times in this post about that simple joy of spending some time in your beautiful conservatory with a good book. How about you invest in this Alfresia Denver Wicker Reading Chair, which as the name suggests, has been designed with that relaxing pastime in mind.

Impeccably designed and constructed to a high standard, it’s made from a completely natural woven-wicker and has a nice glossy finish that really sets against the upholstered back and seating cushion.

Although they look the same, they contain different fillings. The base has a thick furniture foam that not only provides you with the comfort you desire but has a strength to it that helps support your weight. Whereas the back cushion has a softer and lighter filling that still provides support, but a gentle hug.  

What makes this a great reading chair? The arms have a gentle curve and the high back cushion all work in conjunction to give you the perfect angle for sitting up and reading. You won’t crank your neck and will still be able to sit comfortably reading for hours. The frame is lightweight enough to be moved from one spot to another as you prefer but is sturdy enough that you won’t feel nervous sitting in it.

Britoniture Tartan Fabric Country-Style Accent Armchair

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Hand crafted in tartan fabric with a striking finish
✔ Soft to touch and built with comfort at forefront
✔ Puffy cushion based soft yet hard wearing
✔ Easy to assemble at home
✔ Available in either orange or brown

How about something incredibly traditional like a country-style armchair with light and delicate, but smart tartan fabric? That what you get when you invest in this pretty armchair from Britoniture. Each individual model of this armchair is made by hand using traditional methods and techniques that have been used for centuries. This can give you confidence that you are investing in a high-quality product.

We think it’s a great way to take the kind of comfort and elegance you’d expect from a warm and welcoming living room into your extension. At just 17kg and with only a little self-assembly required, it’s easy to setup and enjoy, even if you must move it around the conservatory to get it into just the right position.

Warmiehomy Modern Velvet Occasional Chair - £93.98

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Made in a beautiful velvet fabric with a buttoned decor design
✔ Oak legs provide durability and unrivalled sturdiness, even with daily use
✔ Compact design means versatile chair that can be used in a number rooms
✔ Easily assembled, with just 4 legs to attach
✔ Exceptional value for money

It may be listed as an occasional chair and depending on how often you find yourself to the side or back of your home in your conservatory, that might be all you use it for. However, occasional chairs are often known as accent chairs, because they add to the overall look and feel of a room.

That’s exactly what you get with the Warmiehomy Modern Velvet occasional chair. Just look at the wingback design and that deep and striking velvet fabric that the back and seat are upholstered with. It’s got a sturdy base in the form of the solid oak legs.

The only thing you need to assemble, in fact, is those beautiful and rich hued legs. So, within just moments of receiving this great chair you can be relaxing on it or marvelling at it as you go about your day to day chores and activities. One thing’s for sure, you may find your guests fighting over who gets to sit on it.

FoxHunter WestWood Vintage Linen Fabric Tub Armchair

  Konservatory Rating
✔ Timeless design with an expensive button-stitch finish
✔ Hand crafted detail with traditional techniques ensures highest of quality
✔ Exceptional comfort in the soft cusion seat
✔ Incredibly soft to touch, yet hard wearing
✔ Ultimate sturdiness ideal for the conservatory

How about this practical thing? Except for The Cube, most of the conservatory chairs we’ve featured in this guide have had high backs. This, on the other hand, looks like something from a classic living room or even a reception area.

From FoxHunter, this armchair also stands out because it has a circular-shape design. It has been built to last but is not so hardwearing and robust that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, it’s incredibly soft to touch. The button-style stitching on the back rest, really sets it apart from other chairs and gives it that sophisticated and classic look.

Like many of the chairs we’ve featured, it benefits from being hand-made using traditional methods that gives you the promise of a product that’s of the highest quality. Perfect for a corner or next to a little table in your conservatory.

Final Thoughts

Conservatory furniture can really bring a room together. The design, style and type of chair you go for can go a long way to realising the true purpose of your conservatory. As we mentioned at the start, this decision will largely come down to your own personal taste and your budget, but we are sure the nine we have picked out above will be more than enough to set you on your way to finding that dream chair or set of chairs.

Then, all that’s left to do is just sit back and relax, with that glass of Chardonnay or Merlot and enjoy some quality time doing nothing at all. You deserve it!

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