Calculate the Cost of a Conservatory

We know you may well be taking those tentative first steps. Given the expense involved, it’s worth taking the time to make the right decisions about the conservatory you desire.

Bear in mind additional influences, such as outdoor temperature and functionality, as this will likely dictate the style and material that you go for.

Have you ever considered a DIY conservatory? These conservatories are essentially “flat-pack” conservatories that you buy in and build yourself without the need for a builder. They’re also relatively cost effective, starting at around £700.

To make your life that little bit easier, we’ve built a conservatory cost calculator.

You can find this at the top of this page. This will give you an estimate of what you can expect to spend on a conservatory, based on the following factors:

  • The type of conservatory you want
  • Whether it’s going to be a full build or just a refurb
  • The size of conservatory you want
  • The type of roof you want

What Type of Conservatory do you want?

The first thing you are asked when you use the Conservatory Pricing Calculator is what kind of conservatory do you want? You have the following options to choose from:

  • uPVC Lean-to
  • uPVC Victorian
  • uPVC Edwardian
  • uPVC Gable-Fronted
  • uPVC P-Shaped

Do You Want a Full Build or Refurb Conservatory?

Another important factor involved in deciding on the cost of your prospective conservatory is the amount of work involved.

It may be that you are looking for a Full Build conservatory or only need a refurb model. Refurbs are naturally a quicker job, require less time & money, and do not require any base work.

What Size of Conservatory do you want?

The next thing you need to consider when planning for a conservatory and working out the price is the size.

Your options will depend on the type you choose but the available options we have listed for possible conservatory dimensions are:

  • 3500 x 2000mm
  • 3500 x 2500mm
  • 4000 x 2000mm
  • 4000 x 2500mm

What Type of roof would you like your Conservatory to have?

The final option you are given on the online conservatory pricing calculator concerns the type of roof you want your extension to have.

At Konservatory we can calculate the cost of just two different roofing types for your conservatory – polycarbonate and glass.

If you’re looking to simply fix a leaking conservatory roof then head over to this page. Alternatively, you can find more information about conservatory roof insulation here.

It will be a matter of available budget and choosing the best one for your property’s location and other elements. If you need help understanding the differences and what might suit your property better, then get in touch and we’ll assist where we can.

Use the Conservatory Pricing Calculator Today!

It literally takes seconds to generate the estimated cost of your conservatory. We don’t take any personal information, and won’t bombard you with offers.

We hope this will go some way to giving you insight into how much you can expect to spend on your conservatory. If this isn’t right for you, consider a self-build conservatory, which starts at around £700.