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After a career in the busy world of journalism, I knew a lazy retirement wasn’t on the cards for me, sitting still simply isn’t something that I can conform to. Back in 2016, I had a lean-to conservatory built to add a little extra office space to my home and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s difficult to say exactly where I took my inspiration from to become a blog writer, but  Kate Watson-Smyth’s Mad About The House can certainly be attributed to this. She’s given me ideas for my home and garden, while also pushing me to try aesthetics I never would have dreamed of.

I have always been an avid fan of DIY and my conservatory led to new projects always on my mind, from creating bespoke window benches to replacing the guttering after a particularly bad storm. What I love about conservatories is that each one is different, with a different purpose. I have always enjoyed interior design and have been known to obsess over the smallest details in my home. I assumed my conservatory would be the one area in my house that couldn’t have this much detail and would simply be a room of purpose, how wrong I was!

You aren’t restricted to a template of what is expected of the room and can really make it your own. I also enjoy the versatility of them. In the summer I use mine as a garden room, with the french doors open to let air in while we entertain. In the winter, my partner commandeers it as her reading nook with the simple addition of a heater and a snug blanket while the cats watch the birds in the warmth.

Living in Britain has always left me grateful for my surroundings, the English countryside has no comparison and I believe us Brits reflect this well within our own gardens. That’s another reason why I love my conservatory, a great view of my garden, no matter the weather!

My garden is another one of those hobbies that you only realise the worth until you retire and really have time to focus on it. I’ve always kept my flower beds tidy and my lawn trimmed but now it has been taken to another level, something I love to write about here at Konservatory so others can learn from my triumphs and my mistakes.

But this isn’t the only hobby of mine. When I’m not in the garden or writing at my desk (which is of course located in my conservatory), I can be found on walking holidays. I always try to visit the Peak District every summer at a minimum, it will always be a personal favourite. A recent trip to Dordogne has left me full of inspiration for something grand in my garden, while a chateau-style jardin may be too much for one man to maintain, it has certainly stirred up inspiration, so watch this space!

Where you can find me

I’ve recently started a Linkedin and Quora account. Feel free to contact me on there. Alternatively I am also on email: [email protected]

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