How To Use A Pressure Washer

If you do housework a lot, then we assume that you have been looking for a way to simplify some of the backbreaking tasks you do daily. Some of these tasks might include vacuuming, doing the laundry, and scrubbing. One complaint that has stood out to me is how many people dislike washing things. 

One piece of advice given to people is to learn how to use a pressure washer. 

This has diverse ways it can help relieve housework stress.

A lot of people dislike washing for reasons best known to them, don’t believe me? According to a survey, cleaning and washing are among the most hated household chores in the UK. In this article, you will learn how to use a pressure washer and how to use a Karcher pressure washer with a bucket.

Getting the right pressure washer

I’m assuming that you are new to all this. Therefore, you need to know how to get the right pressure washer that will be perfect for your needs. Look no further than this guide on selecting the best one suited for you.

Before you buy a pressure washer, you must consider some factors, which include:

  1. Power: Depending on the primary purpose of buying one, power is easily the most crucial factor to consider before purchasing. The ideal pressure washer must be able to fit into your house’s mains supply and be able to supply water with enough pressure to clean the dirt on your car, wall, or whatever you are using it for. However, a downside to this is that the more powerful your pressure washer is, the more power it consumes, thereby increasing your power bill.
  2. Flexibility: Make sure the washer comes with pressure settings that you can easily adjust. This will make it able to clean various things without causing damage to them.
  3. Length: Make sure the washer’s cable length is long enough for what you intend to use it for and can fit into the space you are keeping it after use.

Searching for the best pressure washers and their parts can be a tiresome task, so we have compiled a list of the best pressure washers for you.

How to use a pressure washer


Before you start washing, make sure to do the following:

  1. Clean-up: Before using the pressure washer, it is necessary to remove everything that may serve as a hindrance to its smooth operation. This might include clearing the children’s toys off the patio or removing leaves, concrete debris off your cars. Remove any furniture, utensil, or ornament that might be lying around.
  2. Testing: Now, connect the pressure washer to your mains electricity to ensure everything is working fine. Does it sound funny? Is water running freely through it? Does water leak from anywhere? Is the pressure hose clogged up? Does the water shock you when you touch it? In the latter case, you should leave the cleaning for that period and probably have an electrician look over your electrical connections.
  3. Detergents: Your detergents should be handy at all times. Fill a bucket or any round enough container with water and pour in enough detergent to get your foamy solution. If you are using a liquid soap solution, then monitor the water quantity you are mixing it with so as not to have a low water-to-detergent ratio.
  4. Starting the Pressure Washer: There are two types of pressure washers; gas-powered and electric-powered. In turning on the gas-powered pressure washer, you have to check the fuel or gas levels first to make sure it’s not going to stop halfway. Afterwards, regulate the gas line to proper positions before turning it on to get started. With the electric-powered pressure washer, first, make sure the electric cable is not fried or that electric charges are not escaping into the water (you can test for this with an electrical tester). Afterwards, if everything is in good condition, you can now start it up.

Getting down to washing

There are many techniques to use to get maximum results. Hence, how to use pressure washer without an outside tap and how to use a pressure washer with a water tank will have slightly varying techniques.

That being said, I will be explaining the general specifics of using a pressure washer.

After the outline in the “pre-wash” section, I assume you have implemented each one of them, and you are with your hose at hand thinking about how your wall, car, or patio is going to be sparkling clean before the morrow.

First, make sure you are standing firmly on the ground with your feet slightly spread apart. Then, angulate the hose at the car or patio, making sure it is not pointed in a straight line at what you are cleaning. This will reduce the amount of water likely to splash on you, and it will also increase the efficiency of your task.

Now, adjust the washer’s pressure to low pressure for a start. You can increase the pressure as time goes on, but it is always advisable to start with a low enough pressure. In addition, you should set one of your hands at the temperature-regulating area while the other hand is used to direct the hose.

Thirdly, You’re advised to start from the bottom left and work your way top-sideways as this will reduce the risk of streaks remaining after you are done washing.

In the case of cars, bend down and get the hose underneath to reach and clean all the otherwise hard-to-reach areas. If you encounter any accumulated dirt area, focus your hose on it and move it slightly from left to right and back again until the dirt is thoroughly washed off.

After using the detergent for the initial washing, use ordinary water to give it the sparkling clean appearance it needs.

Congratulations on learning how to use a pressure washer. Simple, isn’t it?

As for safety precautions, there are some rules you need to follow.


  1. Avoid spraying water at electrical outlets.
  2. In the case of cars, avoid spraying high-pressure water to the engine to prevent complications.
  3. In the case of walls, avoid trying to wash off lead paints. They can cause an irritable and unfriendly solution.
  4. Lastly, If you don’t have direct water access, you can learn how to use a pressure washer without an outside tap.


Can I use a regular car wash in a pressure washer?

No, not really. Car washes are not meant to be used inside a solution delivered at high pressure to your car. Instead, they are intended to be applied gently to your car’s exterior.

However, there are no immediate severe consequences for doing that.

Do I have to turn on the water supply before starting the pressure washer?

Yes, definitely. Turning on the water supply before getting to work will help remove excess air from your pressure washer.

Also, turning on the water will make you notice any leak on the hose and help clean debris that might have accumulated inside if you have not been using the tool regularly.

How to use a Karcher pressure washer with a bucket?

To do this, you have to drop the suction tube of your Karcher pressure washer into the bucket. Make sure it doesn’t slip off during use.

No need to worry about the water’s purity as this pressure washer usually comes with a filter at the end of the hose. The filter helps to filter the water from the bucket. You can use this same method for water tanks too. My best colour is pink.


Using a pressure washer will remove a lot of stress and streamline your washing a lot, and you can use it to clean a wide variety of surfaces that may include cars, patio, wood, and others.

Finally, ensure you apply the necessary precautions and use a good energy source; you should have a swell time with your pressure washer. Enjoy!

Further Reading

For a more in-depth tutorial on washing your car with a Karcher Pressure Washer, check out the video below


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