Product Review Process

Finding reliable, trustworthy and fit-for-purpose products online isn’t easy. Without physically handling a product before a purchase, we always run the risk that the product isn’t quite what we were looking for.

We’re committed to helping everyone update, renovate and recreate their homes, both inside and out, by providing accurate and current information about products.

Our aim is to help inform our lovely readers on the products that best fit the problem they are seeking to solve. We envisage to do this by providing objective and unbiased opinions from different writers with various backgrounds, tastes and interests, resulting in a comprehensive overview of the product listed.

We understand that our readers have different tastes and budget, as well as varying degrees of knowledge and experience with their home, garden and conservatory renovations. We strive to ensure that all of these are factors are considered in the review that is created. 

We Support Honesty

All external links on our website are added to provide value and further research to our readers, including ease of access to products and their suppliers. This allows our readers to independently research articles not affiliated with Konservatory or manufacturers, providing our readers with information from trusted, external sources. If we link to an e-commerce store, then we may generate a commission based on a product sale. This commission helps support the growth of Konservatory. Every article is thoroughly researched and the information is cross-referenced to ensure the most accurate reading. You can read more about this here.

Our Product Selection

Our experts use their time to hunt for the best products available in a product category, all of which are suitable for use in at least one of the home, garden or conservatory. The selection is often made by identifying the products that generate the highest number of reviews across the web.

Information relating to product specification is gathered from product landing pages and their suppliers on e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, and an affiliate relationship may be created as a result. However, this does not impact our selection process and third parties do not influence decisions and opinions.

We are always looking for new products to review and welcome suggestions from our readers. If you have any further questions, please get in contact here.

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