12 Ways to Revamp Conservatory Furniture

As we’re still at the start of summer, there is still some time to make those last-minute changes to the places in your home you tend to use more during the warmer months. Places like the garden, patio and of course, your conservatory. Alternatively, you could always explore buying an outdoor bar table and stools as sometimes furniture can be hard to salvage.

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  • Re-upholster Furniture

  • Repurpose Furniture

  • Repaint Furniture

  • Replace The Hardware

  • Not Everything Needs To Match

  • Use Wallpaper Creatively

  • Throw on a Throw

  • Varnish So It Doesn’t Tarnish

  • Repurpose a Sideboard into a Dresser or Bar

  • Add Casters

  • Put It On Display

  • Decorative Deals

Have you been feeling recently that it’s looking a little tired and drab? It may be that the conservatory dining furniture, furnishings and decorative pieces you’ve had in there are still very much in good condition. It may just replacing the conservatory cushions to notice an immediate improvement.

The problem, therefore, might be just that you are bored with how it is decorated. Now, the obvious solution would be to get rid of the furniture you have, completely repaint and decorate the whole conservatory.

A downside to that solution is that it can be quite expensive to do all that. And you would have to weigh up if it really was worth it, as you’d essentially be replacing good quality and functional furniture and accessories.

So really you need an option that doesn’t involve you spending lots of money on new items that you so easily could become equally bored within a couple of years’ time.

Are there other options open to you? Well, yes, you could use what you already have at your disposal and simply revamp it. As well as saving you money, this can be quite a fun creative project to get stuck into, and it means you will be able to have your conservatory looking exactly the way you want it. Without breaking the bank too much.

If you are wondering how to revamp conservatory furniture, you’ve come to the right place as we show you 12 great ways to do this.

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  • Re-upholster Furniture

When you want to give a room a fresh look in your house, what do you normally do? Repaint or hang new wallpaper. This instantly gives it a new lease of life and can completely change the mood and atmosphere of a room. It’s really no different when it comes to your conservatory and the furniture you use in it.

If you have a high-quality chair that’s served you well for a few years and shows no signs of deteriorating, why not show it some love in return? Rather than replacing it with that brand-new chair of sofa you saw advertised, you could your hand at reupholstering, or simply hiring someone to do it for you.

This is a great option as the world’s your oyster when it comes to look and design. You can choose the fabric you prefer and are not limited by what’s available in stock in a furniture outlet.

  • Repurpose Furniture
A tea pot, cup and biscuits on a plate on a wooden table and blurry background with dark red armchairs in an elegant living room interior. Real photo.

Another thrifty way to give your conservatory a new look and feel through altering the furniture it houses is by repurposing it. You may think that repurposing items requires a lot of technical skill and knowhow and that you really need to be creative. That’s simply not true. In its simplest terms, repurposing something, is taking something that had one use and then using it for something else.

Altering and changing the way it looks helps to convey its new use, but for instance, if you want to use a small wooden chair as a little tea-serving side table instead, you could simply remove the arms and the back, lay a tablecloth on it and put a teapot, teacups and a kettle on it ready or action whenever you need tea.

Thanks to perspective, no-one will suspect it was anything else other than a small table.

  • Repaint Furniture

If the above options seem a little involved and complicated, how about something a bit more simplistic. We’ve already noted that the quickest and best way to change how a room looks and feels is to give it a fresh coat of paint.

You can do the same to any piece of furniture, though this would work best with wooden furniture. So, that dusty looking dark brown chair or sideboard, can become something a little brighter.

We mentioned discuss in depth what colour to paint conservatory walls, but the Dulux Emulsion Paint does deserve a second mention. They offer a warm and cosy colour palette, all of which give a sleek matt finish.

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  • Replace the Hardware

If you have a welsh dresser, sideboard or just that old chest of drawers that has been in your possession for a few years, it can be frustrating when the knobs and handles on the drawers and cupboards start to loosen and come off.

Rather than running for the hills in despair though, you simply just replace them. In fact, even if you want to, in a small way, make a change to your conservatory furniture, you could swap out the hardware even if it’s still functional.

  • Not Everything Needs to Match

We know what it’s like, trust us. You get that conservatory and then you want to have those matching sofas and armchairs or that matching set of chairs and a dining table. Sometimes, though, matching, although smart, is not very exciting. A great way then to alter how your conservatory furniture looks would be to change them so there is a kind of orderly chaos.

While we’d even go as far as to say you could source a new dining table or set of conservatory chairs, you could just decorate each in different colours or using different fabrics and materials. That way, they’d look like completely unique pieces and not just a set you bought from a high street store.

  • Use Wallpaper Creatively

Wallpaper, especially the nice stuff, is often expensive. It doesn’t have to just be used as a wall covering though. If there’s a wallpaper you like, either because of the design, style or colouring and perhaps you don’t really want to pay out to use it on all your conservatory, it could still be of use.

Wallpaper can be used as a quick and easy way to give furniture a nice fresh look. Take a side table or a dining table and line it with nice wallpaper to decorate it.

  • Throw on a Throw

Don’t fancy going the full-hog and re-upholstering your conservatory chairs? The simple addition of a throw or two can completely change how it looks, while providing a nice material to sit on.

  • Varnish So it Doesn’t Tarnish

Rather than repainting or giving furniture a lick of paint, if you want to really make the wood grain sing on those natural wooden pieces in your conservatory, you could use a wood stain or varnish that would help to give it a nice colour while emphasising its rustic charm.

A good varnish can bring almost anything back to life.

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  • Repurpose a Sideboard or Dresser into a Bar

We’ve already mentioned repurposing generally, but how about something a bit more specific. If you have an old welsh dresser or sideboard, you could repurpose it as a home bar, which would help to make the conservatory even more of a practical and aesthetically interesting place to entertain guests.

Alternatively, you could use that piece of furniture to house some conservatory plants.

  • Add Casters

The addition of wheels to conservatory furniture is another way to revamp it. Okay, this is more a practical and function way. It does mean, though, that it’s easier to move items around. Which is great during the summer when you may wish to move a small side table. With the addition of casters, you can.

  • Put it On Display

The less is more principle is one that true when it comes to displaying items on pieces of furniture and particularly those in areas like conservatories that are supposed to be more open. Does that mean you can’t put things out on display? No, though it does mean you should be selective what you put on display.

So, if you have a prized heirloom or simply want to show those family snaps, this is a great way to give a dresser or other unit some new life.

  • Decorative Decals

So, maybe you don’t want to completely change the colour of furniture but want to give it something that makes it stand out. You could use decorative wall decals to add nice patterns and images to give it a touch of pizzazz.

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Hopefully you can see from the above that if you are looking to give your conservatory a bit of a new look, and wondering how to revamp your conservatory furniture, there are plenty of ways, regardless of what your budget is.