Calculate the Cost of a Conservatory

We know you may well be taking those tentative first steps. Given the expense involved, it’s worth taking the time to make the right decisions about the conservatory you desire. Bear in mind additional influences, such as outdoor temperature and functionality, as this will likely dictate the style and material that you go for. Have …

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How Compost Bins Work – The Full Guide

All you need to know about how compost bins work is a thorough understanding of some basic principles, and nature does the rest. When making compost bins, you naturally create a suitable condition for the rotting and decay processes of plants and other organic matter. In this post, we will show you how compost bins …

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How To Make A Vegetable Trug [Expert Guide]

Want to grow more vegetables but can’t afford to get a ready-made vegetable trug? Not to worry, you can create your vegetable trug from scratch to finish. Discover how to in this insightful article. Enjoy! The Ideal Vegetable Trug for you How to Make a Vegetable Trug from Pallets(Step-by-Step guide) The Ideal Vegetable Trug For …

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Starting An Allotment [Expert Guide]

Starting an allotment

Step 1: Evaluate the Situation Step 2: Plot Layout Planning Step 3: Get the Needed Tools and Materials Step 4: Start Clearing and Digging Step 5: Start Growing Plants Step 1: Evaluate The Situation This is where it all begins. Without this first step, there won’t be a 4th or 5th step. It’s highly important …

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How to Lay Bark Chippings

how to lay bark chippings

Bark chippings can completely transform your outer space, particularly your garden and outdoor play areas. They do not only give your garden a natural woodland look but also help recreate an area for a more inviting and neater appearance. There is more to bark chippings than using them as a garden mulch. Chipped tree barks …

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What is a compost heap?

compost heap header

Composting is an age-old agricultural practice for recycling various organic materials, including waste products, into organic soil rich in plant nutrients and beneficial organisms. Some experts view it as an ‘entryway drug’ to zero waste and a cornerstone of organic gardening and agriculture. The end product of an excellent composting process is always a nutrient-rich organic soil …

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Keep Saving The Bees

Save The Beeds

Back in 2009, the importance of saving our bees was brought to the attention of the world. The campaign was led by GreenPeace and the consequences of losing these little friends became the knowledge of all of us. However, interest in this essential cause has dropped recently. Google trends show that among all the environmental …

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How To Clean Decking

patio cleaner

The Decking is an arena for relaxation constructed with connecting timber woods, where one can bond with relatives or entertain friends. It can be built to any design and specification. A decking is capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor but typically constructed outdoors. In this guide, you’ll learn how to clean your decking …

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How To Sheet A Roof

how to clean a conservatory roof

Sheeting your roof is an outdoor activity that any outdoor-inclined person is sure to enjoy. Learning how to sheet a roof is an essential skill that comes in handy in many situations and is a useful life skill. In this guide, you will learn how to sheet a roof, how to put a sheet a …

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How to Make Rattan Ball Lights

Rattan Globe Ball Style Ceiling Pendant Lampshade - Wicker Finish

Its the holiday season and you are hunting for ideas on how to lighten up your house and give it a new look ahead of the coming festivities, or you are just searching for a DIY assignment to perform. One of the most common and inexpensive ways to give your house a facelift is to …

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How to Make Rattan Furniture (Rattan DIY Guide)

If you have been using rattan furniture for some time now, you might have fantasised about learning how to make rattan furniture so you can easily replace yours if it gets torn. You are not alone in this thought. Many people want to learn how to build their furniture but most are unable to, each …

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How To Get Rid of Black Spots on Roses

It’s the weekend, and you have just been making the rounds on your garden or your farm when you lay your gaze on a rose with black spots. What a disaster! Depending on what you know about black spots on roses, you can either choose to ignore this and continue your stroll because you don’t …

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How To Grow Peppers

Growing your pepper doesn’t have to remain a pipe dream for long. I assume that you have always thought of growing your fruits one day. Many people fantasise about starting a little garden where they can grow their fruits and vegetables. They do not just think about this because of the pleasure of watching plants …

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What is Rattan Furniture?

No other furniture set symbolises the outdoors as much as rattan furniture does. Think about your earliest memory of gardens, maybe lounging and playing in the garden while your family visits grandpa or a neighbour, or think about the feel of lounging and resting in the park after a day’s work? What chair comes to …

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How To Use A Pressure Washer

If you do housework a lot, then we assume that you have been looking for a way to simplify some of the backbreaking tasks you do daily. Some of these tasks might include vacuuming, doing the laundry, and scrubbing. One complaint that has stood out to me is how many people dislike washing things.  One …

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How To Build a Conservatory

Conservatories can completely transform your living space. An extension to entertain guests, or a spacious playroom for children (where mess is allowed), they can open up your home without having to spend an arm and a leg on renovations.  If you choose to build your conservatory, the first thing to consider is planning permission. In …

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7 Ways To Make a Hammock Stand

hammock in between 2 trees

Ask more people what their definition of outdoor relaxation is and, among the list, you’ll likely hear ‘swinging on a hammock’. Few things in the world can beat the experience of soaking the sun out in the garden, or reading your favourite book indoors nestled on top of a hammock stand. Sometimes a chair doesn’t …

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How To Build a Garden Storage Bench

If you’re an avid gardener and work within a limited space, you’ve probably come across the conundrum of how to add storage to your garden, without reducing your precious space. While sheds are brilliant and can hold all the tools you need, we don’t always want such a big structure looming over our beautiful garden. …

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How To Level a Garden: Step-by-step Guide (2020)

A well-manicured lawn, colourful flowers and birds chirping on the trees – life sounds complete bliss. It is every homeowner’s desire to have a picture perfect garden. It all starts with levelling the garden. If you don’t have level ground you are likely to be frustrated every time the lawnmower refuses to glide over the …

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How To Make a Bird Box

birds on the bird table

If you have a garden in your backyard, then birds like sparrows and robins are a common sight. Those of you who love the sight of birds in their garden would love to build a bird box.  That’s if you’ve decided that even the best bird table on the market wouldn’t quite be right for your …

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