The 15 Most Inspiring Interior Design Blogs 2019

Working closely over the years with many interior design projects, we’ve come across some great online resources and inspiration that go above and beyond to offer advice to their reader. Which is why we decided to create this award, as a way to say thanks for the great content. So here we have it, the 15 most inspiring interior design blogs across the web:

1. Mad About The House

Madabouthouse written by the gifted Kate Watson-Smyth is a wonderfully crafted blog that provides limitless interior design concepts for your home. Kate provides us with endless inspiration for how to decorate our homes in 2018, and we’re yet to find something that doesn’t fascinate us.

2. Love Chic living

Jen is the talented author of the Love Chic Living interior design blog. We’re a huge fan of Jen’s unique take on the modern home makeover, with a real art for finding low price high impact items that can turn a dated house into a modern living space.

3. Tidy Life

Antonia brings us a beautiful blend of lifestyle entries alongside her more regular home interior pieces with a recipe of real delight. We’re a huge fan of the way she uses her own home as a blank canvas and the proof really is in the pudding when reading about her transformations.

4. Fresh Design Blog

Fresh Design Blog takes a modern view on home & garden makeover. We love how Rachel has a real eye for a bargain and constantly pushes the boundaries with her makeover ideas.

5. The Design Shepard

We’re a fan of not only Stacey’s breadth of creative writing topics around the home, but also her actionable ‘how to’ pieces as well. So often we’ve looked and read about masterpieces around the home but left short as to how to create them ourselves. Stacey leaves no stone unturned and we’re continually fascinated at the depth in which she goes into.

6. WowHaus

If there are two people that LOVE houses, it’s David and Suzanne from WowHaus. Past or present, there’s no quirky house that these two haven’t seen. At number 5 in the Daily Telegraph’s Top 50 Interior Design Websites, they’re well worth a visit.

7. Design Hunter

If you prefer the minimalist look and feel, then look no further than Design Hunter. With a range of contemporary interiors and architecture, Design Hunter transforms seemingly dull spaces into liveable works of art.

8. Jungalow

From the moment you land on, you can tell that Justina has art in her heart. We just love how her use of colour in all her creations simply bring them to life. If you love colour, pattern and plants, then look no further than Jungalow.

9. Montgomery

Curtains and blinds can often be an overlooked feature of any home. In reality, the right set of curtains or blinds set the tone of the space in which they live in. We love the practical tips that Montgomery provide to help turn those daring dreams into realities.

10. The House That Liars Built

The thing that brought us to Lars blog was, in particular, her project work. Whether it is a costume for Halloween or Indian block printing, her creative versatility just shines through and we get a real kick out of reading up on the latest creation she’s brought to life.

11. Savvy Home

The moment you land on Gabrielle’s blog you instantly feel that blend of coastline with a traditional American twist. We love how this shows throughout her designs and decor. We’re especially fans of her travel pieces, bringing an element of lifestyle to a more traditional interior design blog.

12. Home Decor Ideas

Home decor ideas bring an innovative twist to contemporary home design that continually leave us fuelled with immense admiration. The constant desire to push the boundaries with home and interior design with pieces such as the Volcanic Meta Lamp gives us endless reasons to keep going back.

13. The Ordinary Lovely

We really like Rachel’s unique take on stripes and satchels as well as making use of the countryside she lives in. The Ordinary Lovely has been running since 2014 and we remain blown away with the designs and concepts that Rachel lovingly provides us with on a weekly basis.

14. Bright.Bazaar

The first things that drew us to Will and Bright.Bazaar was his undisputed love for colour and the way he brings it into his designs. A keen fashion, travel and home blogger, Will is a must follow for a unique twist on DIY.

15. Swoon Worthy

As a self-confessed maximalist, Kimberly has given us unrestricted access into her Edwardian home, showcasing her many talents in DIY and design. We’ve taken a whole heap of inspiration from Kimberly, and we’d recommend you do too!

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