10 Ways to Keep Your Conservatory Cool

It’s no secret, even British summers are getting hotter. This year we saw a record-breaking July for temperatures and who knows, that could even be beaten.

As much as we all love lounging in the sun, attempting to get a tan while trying to avoid those pesky mosquitos, we do need to seek refuge indoors from time to time.

We are going to show you how to cool a conservatory in summer. Unfortunately, our favourite room can be notorious for being too hot. Our conservatories are essentially one big greenhouse, great for the tomatoes but uncomfortable for us humans.

Speaking of tomatoes, you can read about which fruits you can grow in a conservatory here

Here we show you 10 ways to cool down a conservatory. Just by using one of these can make a difference but by combining a few, you can ensure a pleasant space for the season.

1. Open the windows

Picture Source: https://expressionblinds.co.uk/blog/intu-screw-fit-blinds/

It may seem a bit obvious but opening the windows can really help. Others have often been against this as it aids the warmer air coming in.

If you are just opening windows in your conservatory, it may just warm it up, but opening windows throughout the entire house can significantly help with airflow and even create a nice breeze.

By far the easiest and cheapest way of how to keep a conservatory cool.

2. Invest in a set of blinds

Picture Source: https://www.blindsandawnings.org/blinds/conservatory-blinds

Blinds are an ideal investment. By blocking out the sun during the hottest hours, your conservatory will always remain nice and cool.

If you’re seeking an affordable set, then take a look at this range of conservatory blinds here

Don’t be discouraged at the thought of installing these yourself, buying conservatory blinds is easier than you think. Don’t forget to cover the ceiling and not just the windows, the most heat comes from above.

For a cost-effective method for the ceiling is to get some net wire curtain rods and drape some muslin. You could even dye this any colour you wish to match the décor and give an Arabian night’s aura.

If you really don’t want to spend, you could even use some clean bedsheets, as you may only require these a few days a year during extreme heatwaves.

3. Install a cooling film

Picture Source: https://www.stickycolours.co.uk/conservatory-window-film/

This stuff is magical and does exactly what it says on the tin. This film is a heat control window film that can be placed on your glass roof and windows yourself, no need to get anyone in.

Easily found online or in DIY stores, this film still lets in light but reduces heat. Some brands reduce heat by over 80% so shop around for the best for your budget.

If you’re after an affordable solution, you may find a few cooling films here

It can also block some of the harmful UV rays from the sun, adding another level of protection.

Not only does it keep the heat out in summer, but also acts as an insulator in winter. What’s not to love?

4. Invest in an air-con system

Picture Source: https://www.howtohome.com/appliances/hvac/windowless-portable-air-conditioner/

Nowadays, air-con exists for most budgets. You could install this throughout the entire house if you wish.

As we don’t live in the Mediterranean, it probably isn’t worth the cost. Why not invest in a stand-alone unit just for your conservatory.

Should you want an easy-to-use system, you can check out a range of air conditioning units here.

This will be a lot cheaper and environmentally friendly. Many conservatory heaters also double as air conditioners.

Meaning you will not have to put another product on the Christmas list when you’re feeling chilly and it eradicates the annoying problem of trying to find somewhere you store your air conditioner throughout the rest of the year.

Depending on budget, you can purchase some super-stylish air conditioners, making a real feature out of them.

5. Make it Feel Cool

Picture Source: https://www.sehbac.com/blog/styling-your-conservatory-with-blinds-or-curtains/

The mind is a funny thing, but we can easily trick ourselves into feeling cooler.

Having ‘cool’ décor can really help, pastel colours do wonders for this. Even just changing a few little accessories can aid with keeping cool.

Why not be daring this summer and paint your conservatory walls a new colour, your walls may not be the right colour for summer.

Store away the big fluffy throws and conservatory cushions, sitting on these will not be pleasant if you’re sweltering.

Try using a small water feature, the sound can be very soothing when you feel clammy. There are even little battery-powered ones available you can pop on a shelf for the season.

Just the sound of water can have an incredible effect on the mind, it is also a great tool for relaxing after a stressful day.

6. Shade Your Doors

Picture Source: https://www.encompassco.com/product/luxury-garden-parasol-shady-teak-stainless-steel-parasol/

Your garden marquee and parasol aren’t just useful when entertaining. A great tip that is relatively unknown is using these outside your patio doors.

This helps to keep the air cool and preventing warming the room up while being able to have maximum fresh air.

It also means there is a permanent shady spot in the garden for when you want to be outside, if you have kept your conservatory nice and cool, your marquee will be the same.

A great idea if you have a party in the evening and want to set the marquee up earlier in the day but don’t want that horrid sticky feeling inside when guests arrive.

7. Replace Your Roof

Picture Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/641270434421398353/?lp=true

A bit of a drastic step, but if you’re not attached to your current one and the heat is making the room uncomfortable then definitely consider a new roof.

Glass and PVC let in a lot of light and with that comes the heat. Contemplate a solid roof instead such as tile. We have written a guide on conservatory roofing to help you choose.

You can always add a skylight or two with a blind if you think you’ll really miss the sun from above.

If you do, do some real research into the type of glass and heat protection that can come with it, otherwise all your effort could be for nothing.

8. Install a Fan

Picture Source: https://www.henleyfan.com/shop/mrken-helicopter-large-low-energy-dc-ceiling-fan-aluminium-blades-new-2016/

You can’t go wrong with a trusty fan, and they come in all sizes to suit any room. If you are limited with space, a small desktop fan can make a world of difference when placed near you.

Alternatively, if your roof allows, have a ceiling fan installed. This means no floor space will be taken and it adds a great feature to your conservatory.

9. Remove Your Rug

Picture Source: https://www.belarugs.co.uk/product/multi-squares-grey-cream-rug/

Conservatory Rugs are glorious accessories and can really transform a space. They can also heat that same space up.

Rugs trap the heat into your conservatory and can feel sticky and muggy on feet too.

Your conservatory floor is a fantastic natural cooler, if you have tiles, they will remain cool even in the highest heat and can be a bit of a life saver when the rest of the house is feeling a bit too tropical. Alternatively, try a FAB HAB indoor/outdoor reversible floor rug, made for varying surfaces.

10. And finally, Be Energy Efficient

Picture Source: https://www.illumislights.com/product/3-2w-g125-dimmable-nostalgic-comfort-dim-filament-globe-bulb/

Like most of us, you are probably still in the transition between the classic Edison bulbs and the new energy-efficient LED one.

These almost retro bulbs give off more heat than you’d imagine, especially if you have a lot of lighting in your conservatory.

It would only be a small change but can really impact the temperature of your conservatory and it is better for the environment so there’s no reason not to.

Final Thoughts

You should now have some inspiration on how to cool a conservatory in summer.

There are varying factors that can affect the temperature of the room, such as which direction your conservatory faces, your style of roof and even your floor.

Just remember each room is different, why not experiment and see what works best, not just for your room but for your family.

From simply opening the windows to replacing the roof, these ideas cater to every budget, if you really can’t bear the heat why not try them all.

It will provide the perfect summer getaway for you, the family and all your friends won’t want to leave.

In extreme heat, be extra cautious of children and pets, little ones can easily overheat but may be too distracted to tell you.

If you have sun beating directly through a glass ceiling with no filter, then the whole family should be wearing hats and a good SPF in the conservatory.

Likewise, pets are unable to tell you they are too hot but will sacrifice their comfort to be with you and the family. Consider deliberately excluding pets from the conservatory for their own safety.

Cooling mats are available from most pet stores and online. Put one of these in a nice comfy, shady corner of the house to keep your fluffy friends cool and safe and don’t forget plenty of freshwater.