10 Furniture Ideas To Transform Your Conservatory

A modern conservatory is not only great for your happiness and wellbeing, but it is also a huge benefit to any home, giving you the option to really bring out the best of your environment. Whether it is an extension to the house itself or simply an area to overlook the garden, there is something about a conservatory that can be immensely fulfilling. It may be a case that you wish to revamp existing conservatory furniture to get the look and feel you want.

One of the things that can be more of a struggle though is transforming your conservatory into that room where you can get away and relax in the desired idyllic surrounding, where you can just forget the stresses and strains of life and give yourself some you time. Why not also consider going one further and purchase a flat pack conservatory, which start at about £700 and ones that you build yourself.


Your conservatory will receive plenty of natural light during the day, but when night falls there can be a claustrophobic feel to the room if you are not careful.

You can avoid this by using light or pale colours when you decorate the walls, but why not add some other lighting at different levels to your conservatory? Candles and lamps can be a great way to bring your room to life, especially in the winter when the hours of darkness are greater.


Most of the time you will be in your conservatory to get away from it all and to relax, so why not treat yourself to a luxurious conservatory chair to settle into, whether it is to read your favourite book, enjoy a light bite to eat or just amuse yourself with all that is going on in the garden and beyond, that area in the conservatory that is just for you is important.

You may even have an existing chair that you wish to decorate on a budget or fancy replacing the cushions on the furniture to give it a new lease of life.

Window Seating

Give yourself the comfort of being able to sit by the window and enjoy everything that is going on with specially made, custom-fitted window seating. You can purchase seat pads that slot in around your windows and then scatter your favourite cushions around them, to create another ideal place to enjoy your conservatory from. If you’re planning to spend that much time near the window, then it’s worth investing in a set of conservatory curtains that you’ll fall in love with.

Being near light may also permit the opportunity to grow a selection of fruits, assuming the temperature remains relatively warm as well.

Dining Tables

When the summer comes along you will probably want to spend as much time in your conservatory as possible. I know that is the case for me, and so what better way to take in those long nights by eating a lovely meal on a wonderful wooden conservatory dining table in the heart of your conservatory! This is one of a number of small conservatory furniture ideas.

We’ve seen a rise in homeowners using their conservatory and outdoor space to host garden parties in the spring and summer. An outdoor bar table is smaller and more cost effective than a full dining table, and many can easily be packed away during the colder seasons.


If you have kids then you are going to need a lot of space for storage in your conservatory so why not pick up pieces of furniture that have a dual purpose. You can even find storage in sitting now, with an outdoor garden storage bench. You could get a dining table that has storage space within it, or a chair, sofa or a corner seats that will double up as a storage unit beneath the sprung bases in it.

Corner units can be another effective way of offering up more storage to ensure that your conservatory is not cluttered up by those things that you need, but don’t always have room out in the open for.


Another way to bring out the best in your conservatory is to deck it out with a luxury sofa, one which swallows you up the moment you sit in it, allowing you to take in the idyllic views of the garden and outdoors in 100% comfort.

You can fit in a reclining sofa and kick back and take in the evening sunset while relaxing with a good book and a nice glass of something in your hands. It is also a good way of being able to keep an eye on the children while they play in the garden without having to open yourself up to the elements!


With the natural light on offer in a conservatory, you have the ability to not only bring pre-purchased plants into your room to brighten it up and improve the fragrance of the area, but you are also able to grow your own plants should you so wish.

We all view our conservatory as a tranquil space, whether we are looking for somewhere to relax in the heart of winter or enjoy the wonderful scenery of the summer, and there are not many things that bring out our space better than an indoor plant. Not only do the right conservatory plants bring warmth and much needed extra colour to your room, but they can act as a hugely beneficial air filter.


If you are going to spend a lot of time in your conservatory, especially in the winter months or in the evenings when the air gets a little cooler, you will need a conservatory heater to keep out the cold and ensure you can relax in the comfort you desire.

There is no shortage of portable heating options available to you, once again this will depend on the size of your room and what you are looking for. A smaller room will only need a tiny heater whereas the bigger conservatories will need more powerful options. Make sure you know what you want before you buy your heating facility.

You could always opt for a stylish log burner too for a really unique feel in the room.

Office Facility

Are you someone who works at home? Why not convert your conservatory into a home office? There is nowhere better to spend your working hours than in a naturally lit room with the splendid garden views surrounding you.

There are a number of desk facilities open to you but remember to get a blind to shield you and your computer from the sun while you are putting in your hard graft! Don’t forget to install a set of conservatory blinds should the sun cause an issue when trying to work.


An option for all the family could be to use the conservatory as a games room. This is among the more modern conservatory ideas. With special blinds readily available to shut out the outside light you don’t need, you could place a pool table in the middle of the room or a football table, with the added caveat that some of these games come with covers than transform the playing area into a tabletop which you use for a number of different things, or to place different items on.

If you transform your conservatory into a games room you could purchase ‘gamer’ type armchairs making it into the ideal haven for the men in your family to reside in throughout the summer months in particular. Games consoles can be played too, and the family can have lots of fun without being confined to the four walls of the house.

The beauty of transforming your conservatory is that you can shape it however you want it, but for the best results. remember bright colours are the key!