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How To Fit Lead Flashing On Your Conservatory

With the UK’s unpredictable weather, you can never be truly sure if it’s going to rain. The chances are it probably will, so protecting your home from the elements is very important, unless you want soggy carpets and broken electrics of course! If you’ve got a conservatory, then you may

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How To Insulate a Conservatory Roof Yourself

We love our conservatories but, unfortunately, it is a well-known fact they many are not the warmest of rooms in the winter months. Our favourite room should not be neglected or avoided over the hassle of wrapping up warm in our own homes. They could quite easily accumulate dirt and

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Decorating a Conservatory on a Budget: 5 Tips

Styles and fashion are constantly changing and it is the same with home decor. We would all love to have an en-vogue conservatory but keeping up with the times it costly, time consuming and wasteful. Below are 5 fantastic conservatory ideas for decorating a conservatory on a budget, all of

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England’s Most Christmassy Counties (2019)

When it comes to the holiday season, I like to believe I possess an abundance of Christmas spirit. I am sure you probably know someone who embraces the festive season the moment the leaves start to turn and you feel that first nip of frost. The Christmas tree is up

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Conservatory Lighting: Full Review (2019)

During the day and in the brightest parts of the year the last thing you probably think about with regards to your conservatory is the lighting. As conservatories have roofs that are comprised of windows made from glass of another material, along with several other windows around the structure, they

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Fixing a Leaking Conservatory Roof

Although it may seem a mild nuisance at first, a leaking conservatory roof is the first sign there is something wrong with your extension. A simple leak can quickly transform into something that causes serious electrical and structural damages that can be expensive to repair.  What do you do if

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8 Cheap Ways to Heat a Conservatory Quickly

We often put off the idea of planning to heat our conservatory for as long as possible, soaking up as much of the summer sun without any distractions. That summer sun may have inspired you to try your hand at growing fruit in your conservatory. With autumn underway, you may

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Niger Seeds

Niger Seeds: Ultimate Guide (2019)

One of my favourite aspects of conservatories is the ease of sitting on your chair or garden storage bench in the warm with our best conservatory heater and watching all the wildlife in my garden while enjoying a cup of tea and the latest fictional best-seller. We created a review

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Sunflower Hearts Bird Food

Sunflower Hearts Bird Food – Full Review

One of the great pleasures about owning a conservatory is the bridge it provides between the interior and exterior of your property. You can use your comfortable conservatory chairs to enjoy your garden and any wildlife that visits it, all year round, including winter time, without actually subjecting yourself to

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